Jamaican Gambling: Slot Machines, 3 Reel Casino Slots vs. 5 Reel Slots

gambling casinos in Jamaica

Gambling casinos in Jamaica

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe

Some of the most fun games in a casino are the slots. This game is loved both by novice and professional players. It helps in improving their skills and professionals tend to win more than fun players do. Both at land based and online casinos the games has reels, mechanical devices displaying symbols and often blank spaces. You may be already familiar with the symbols. They include traditional fruits such as cherries, oranges, and bananas. They also have the bars, single bars, double bars and triple bars. Then you have some with the animals, various characters and others that follow the slot machine theme.

To win at this game you will need three identical symbols line up on the pay line. The pay line is a line across the centre of the screen and the player is given a prize that is matched to those symbols. Depending on the casino or slot machine there may be more than one pay line. This could be three or even more. However the setback to this is that the more pay lines, the more coins you have to put in and play per spin to activate all the pay lines. There are machines that have up to nine pay lines, these are the Advanced 5 reel slot machines and you have to wager at least nine coins to activate them all.

The machines in earlier times were simple classic 3 reel slot machines. Now you have modern video 5 reel slot machines. With the onset of technology making leaps and bounds internet casinos have primarily used the modern video 5 reel slot versions. People who use these machines have better things to say about them. They think they are more fun, more entertaining and a better use. Your chances of winning also go up. The classic 3 reel slot machines has not been totally thrown out and is being preserved for those who still enjoy using them.

The modern video 5 reel slot versions have many advantages. They have larger payouts more permutations and symbols on the reels and even more combinations. People may play differently or have different temperaments and the machines will match them well. For those combinations that have the million dollar payout possibilities, the disadvantage is that there are less chances of getting these. It makes up by giving more frequent payout though.

The modern video 5 reel slot machines are very popular around the world and have an interactive bonus round. They become popular because of several things. This is the added video features, graphics, and audio. The experience that you get in your senses is also vastly different from that with the older models. The older models do not have animated and diversified features.

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